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We provide
Penetration Testing

Find out if an intruder can access your corporate network,
launch an attack and stop business processes

What we do

What we do

During penetration testing (pentest) our experts
test the entire perimeter, attempting to breach the
company's corporate network or focus on individual
IT assets (e.g. retail e-commerce platform)
according to the client's requirements.

What we do

What you get

As a result of the pentest, you will receive a report
describing all detected problems and algorithms
of possible attacks, as well as recommendations for
their elimination. This data will help you build a plan
for the development of your information security
system based on real threats.

Problems and issues

Businesses face cybersecurity challenges every day

A timely penetration test can protect your business from various threats,
including damage to your reputation and financial losses.

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    Detecting gaps in protection

    We discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your IT infrastructure by acting like intruders

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    Assessing risk levels

    Evaluate the risks posed to the organization by assessing the severity of the issues, taking into account both their potential impact and likelihood of occurrence

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    Assisting to meet the suggestions and demands stated in legal proposals

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    cyber training

    Conduct cyber exercises to evaluate monitoring system and response service performance. This will improve the performance of SOC specialists

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    saves money

    Identify security threats before hackers arrive. This will prevent reputational and financial damage

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    Identify weaknesses in defense systems and assess the possibility of their exploitation by attackers

Dangers and risks

The risks of missing Pentest

The absence of a penetration test not only endangers the business but also poses
a risk of a complete system shutdown

  • In 27% of successful attacks on organizations, core business operations
    were disrupted, including temporary stoppage of business processes or
    even complete business interruption

  • Business-related information stolen in a hacker attack can be sold or
    used for blackmail. The cost of restoring lost information and disrupted
    business processes can be as high as 100% of the financial loss

  • Businesses lose approximately 600$ billion annually due to hacker
    attacks, moreover the main targets of criminals are medium and small

  • More that 18% of all cyberattacks can harm a company's reputation.
    Every year, attacks are increasing in all business sectors, regardless of
    company size

  • Encryption of business-critical data and services is a major cyber threat
    that can cause businesses to lose access to critical information. In some
    cases, companies may have to pay hackers to regain access to
    previously lost files.

  • Insufficient flow control mechanisms can allow attackers to access
    source code management and deliver vulnerable code to the production

  • A hacker attack on the company resulting in the leakage of users'
    personal data may lead to fines, loss of reputation, and discredit to the

  • Hacker attacks can make changes to all business systems, which can
    lead to irreversible changes in the company's operations.

Types of Pentest

Types of Pentest we provide

We provide all available types of pentests to protect
the perimeter of your business

  • External pentest

    Emulate the work of an attacker who is
    trying to penetrate your corporate
    network and realize an attack

  • Internal pentest

    Simulate the actions of an internal intruder
    or a hacker who has already penetrated
    the network, and determine the maximum
    level of negative consequences

  • Redteaming

    Testing the responsiveness of the internal
    security department to surprise attacks

Work Process

How we work

Our cybersecurity specialist attempt to penetrate the system using hacker
methods and identify all bugs or vulnerabilities


    Seeking information about the company and its
    infrastructure from public sources

  • Finding and exploiting vulnerabilities

    Find and exploit vulnerabilities in IT resources to breach
    perimeter defenses and gain access to information

  • Report preparation

    We compile a detailed and understandable report with
    recommendations on how to improve the security level

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